Marine Inspired Fancy Dress

This blog post is on the lighter side so I hope you enjoy the break from the science.

Living on an island that has limited resources for fancy dress there is often a need to get crafty and creative for Halloween. Inspired by the ocean I thought I would share some of my fancy dress creations, as well as those of my friends, and some strangers whose ideas I love!

I hope you enjoy! 

1. The Jellyfish

This was mine and my boyfriends Halloween costume for this year.  It was really easy to make and the end result came out well!

Image Image


2. The Lionfish

Inspired by the invasion of the Lionfish throughout the Caribbean this costume was created by my good friend Katie Lohr for Halloween this year. 



3. The Coral Reef

This costume is very intricate but I love the idea.



4. The Nudibranch (sea slug)

I love nudibranch, they are so colourful and unique.  There is a lot of potential with this costume idea!




5. The Hammerhead

A creature that is on my wishlist to see. This easy costume was created by my friend Luke Miller for Halloween this year. 



6. The Fish tank

On Halloween two years ago I was desperately trying to think of a costume.  This was what I came up with!



7.  The Mermaid 

I grew up loving the Little Mermaid so I had to include this one. For the island Mardi gras party this year my colleagues and I dressed up as Mermaids for the parade. 



8. Lobster

This one is just too cute not to share!



9. SCUBA Diver

This is a good costume for any age!




10. Fish 

This costume allows you to go wild with your creative side. Pick you favorite fish and away you go!



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